1: Natural and environmentally friendly: Most of the materials for outdoor rattan furniture come from PE imitation rattan, which does not contain harmful chemicals and is harmless to the human body.

2: Good breathability: Outdoor rattan furniture is characterized by good breathability. Even in hot summer, it will not feel stuffy, giving people a cool and comfortable feeling.

3: High comfort: Outdoor rattan furniture has good elasticity and softness, is very comfortable to sit on, and can give people a feeling of being close to nature.

4: Adapt to the outdoor environment: After special treatment, the materials of outdoor rattan furniture can adapt well to the outdoor environment, are rain-proof and sun-proof, not easy to fade, mildew-proof and moisture-proof, and have strong durability. In general, outdoor rattan furniture is a kind of furniture that is environmentally friendly, comfortable, and adapted to the outdoor environment. If you like natural and environmentally friendly furniture, you can consider choosing outdoor rattan furniture.