Of course, there's a certain romance to real wood fires, from the natural look of the flames to the smell of wood smoke in the air, but there are plenty of reasons why many people prefer a stove to a fireplace.

Fireplace tables look beautiful, especially when surrounded by decorative (and comfortable) chairs. Fire table tables are most popular in the summer, but we love that they provide heat year-round. Don't hesitate to use it throughout the fall and cold winter nights. A fire pit table is a true luxury item that eliminates the need to chop and carry firewood around the yard and can start a roaring fire in seconds with just the turn of a dial. Like most fireplaces, fire tables are ideal for entertaining. Whether you're hosting a party or hanging out with friends, a roaring fire provides the right entertainment element for most gatherings. Not to mention, the Fire Pit Table is the ideal companion when you want to enjoy a refreshing drink and a good book without company. Unlike wood, propane burns cleaner—you don't have to hide from the smoke or clean up and dispose of the ashes.