In the hands of designers, a rope can not only be used to tie things, it can create all things and bring a better experience to our home life. The reasonable integration of rope weaving technology into furniture design is not only a transformation and refinement of traditional rope weaving technology, but also significantly improves the aesthetics, comfort, economy and practicality of furniture.

Generally, it is subdivided into two categories. The first one is soft knitting, which mainly uses knitting as the main process. Some fillers can be used in the knitted fabric. It has a unique and independent overall appearance, simple shape and volume. larger. The other is frame weaving, which is a weaving design based on frame support. It can improve the design efficiency of the form to a certain extent. By fully considering the weighing and adding weaving techniques, it can achieve a combination of hardness and softness. functions to compensate for each other.

Rope weaving is no longer a decoration. Treating rope weaving as a craft and culture, and rationally applying it to furniture design and manufacturing, will not only preserve the inheritance and protection of rope weaving technology, but will also lead the way in furniture design. trend.