Let’s take a look at the characteristics of aluminum

*low density

The density of aluminum is 2.7g/cm³, while the density of iron, which is also a common metal, is 7.86g/cm³, which is about three times that of aluminum and similar to the density of steel. This low density also determines the density of aluminum in the same volume of metal. It has the lightest quality and the products produced will not be too bulky, which determines the important position of aluminum in furniture manufacturing.

*Excellent ductility

Aluminum has excellent ductility and can be pressed into very thin sheets. The usable areas of aluminum become particularly wide, and it can be pressed into almost any shape you want. Very creative.

*high strength

The tensile strength of industrial pure aluminum: 80~100MPa, which is enough for daily furniture use, and the strength of aluminum alloy is even greater.

*Excellent corrosion resistance

This is particularly important for outdoor furniture. There are many factors that affect the service life of outdoor furniture. If the corrosion resistance is not strong, such as iron, it will rust easily. Plastic, easy to age. Wood is prone to rot, cracking, deformation, etc.

*Easy to recycle

As a metal, aluminum can be recycled and reused, which greatly increases the frequency of use of aluminum profiles in outdoor furniture. It has great benefits for both public and private parties!